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About Juliane Gabriel / Jaynine Scarborough:
Jaynine Scarborough is my avatar, born in May 2006. My avatar gives concerts, hosts music events and landscapes passionately :)

Interview Deutschlandfunk mit Laf Überland

  (Foto by Duoker Laszlo)    

Music has always been my actual second Life or maybe my pre-first life, grin. Music has been my best or worst babysitter, too. I sunk into music as a child, and was so absorbed in it that i wouldn’t hear my parents calling or didn’t get that the kindergarten group was walking away as i was listening to a street band playing. i got lost pretty often in my childhood, grin. and i still get absorbed by any music that’s good.
i have been travelling through a lot of music styles: First as a folksinger with 14, became interested into jazz at 16, studied classic singing starting at 17 and actually I had no other idea in my head for my future than singing. So that's what i did. Until i developped another idea, like acting, directing, writing and teaching. I even taught Korean Pansori Singers in South Korea and was fascinated by that music. Although it is really very different to our imagination of what classic singing would be.
I started playing in Secondlife in june 2006.
My musicstyle is ecclectic. I am a dialogue person. i love to deal with things that may occur strange to me at first.
I used to perform contemporary music back in the 80s. I sang among others in a baroque opera from Cavalli with the Berlin Chamber Opera.I performed improvised music together with a painter and a sax player and improvising is what kept me with jazz all the time. I always come back to folksongs like to a river in a beautiful landscape , i lean onto that old treasure of music memory.I do write my own songs, too, but I love to take other peoples songs and do something with them and make them something in between me and the composer. I also work with different languages. Each language is a music in itself.
Here in second life I play mostly old international jazz and folksongs and French classic chansons. Very rarely I play a 'Casual Classics' concert, where I sing aria’s with guitar.
I think people have a real need for music that they know and hear again, old AND new, like a ritual of remembrance.. we don t have that many rituals in our daily life any more and listening to someone playing songs live, songs that you know, is like a (virtual) fireplace where people gather instinctively.

What do I like the most in the music you play?
Besides the music itself, it’s the sharing. That I can get so close to the music as I hardly get with another person. Through the intimacy with the song I can have an intimacy with the listener in an indirect and gentle way. It is through the music that I can truly share a relation with the listener. This is why I play live and haven’t done any cds yet. It is this live aspect of music that I find the most touching as a performer and also as a listener.
i hope to give to the audience a connection with something deep. An inner place that is touched, moved and yet peaceful.
Sl concerts have given me more understanding about what i am looking for in and with my singing. I study intimacy here in SL. And space. Oh and i create gardens :) I am a virtual gardener :)
I am pretty sure we are only at the beginning of our possibilities here and as music is a really big factor in building up communities and serving as a virtual fireplace, i wonder what it is that keeps the fire burning and how we can make it higher and higher so that people who are not connected to virtual worlds and think that the internet is a cold anonymous world experience how warm it can be, how nurturing, how creative, how deeply human. I would be happy if we could cooperate and support each other even more in creating something bigger, in creating a future in a worldwide cultural activity. We are the seeds of what will be.